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The company NAVATEL a.s., Pod Hybšmankou 3103/8, Prague 5, Company ID: 28416538|VAT No.: CZ28416538, registered with the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File 14382 (hereafter referred to as "Navatel a.s.") as administrator and operator of Wellness Hotel Windsor ****, Okružní 13, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn and Hotel Zátiší ***, Svatopetrská 46, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn collects the following information from you:

1) Information provided by you: We accept and store the information you place on our website or you provide to us in any other way, including, for example, information provided during your stay as a guest of one of our managed hotels. The provision of information is voluntary except in instances when determined by law, regulation or public notice. In the event that you do not provide the information we require under statutory duty, we may be unable to offer you our services. In the event that you do not provide us with information as requiredby our legal obligations, we may be unable to respond to any inquiry or request or offer you a full range of services. To ensure our ability to provide the necessary services, among the information we gather from you is mandatory information pursuant to Act No. 326/1999 Coll., On the Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic, as amended, and Act No. 565/1990 Coll., on Local Fees, as amended. This comprises of name, surname, date of birth, nationality, permanent address, travel document number and visa if marked in the travel document, the commencement and termination of the accommodation and the purpose of the stay. Furthermore, we may also request additional information including your vehicle registration number for parking, and email and telephone numbers for the purpose of sending business messages.

2) Personal information provided by you on behalf of another person: If you enter data on behalf of another person, you confirm that you are authorised to enter such personal data into our system and that this information is accurate and correct. Should any loss or damage result from your failure to comply with your obligation under this provision, we are entitled to claim compensation from you.

3) Automatic Information: We accept and, in some cases, evaluate supplied information during our interaction with you. For example, like other websites, we obtain information of a certain type when you access, through your browser, including all aliases of your IP address, browser type and operating system or date, and when you accessed our services. Additionally, we may collect click data and the pages you view. When using a mobile device, we may collect data that identifies this device, data about the device type, its settings and features, location information, application failures and other system activities.

4) Email communication: If you provide us with your email address, we may send you e-mail advertising and marketing materials. You will be offered the option not to receive such advertising or marketing materials in any email sent to you. If you are a guest at a hotel managed by us, we may also use your email address to send a questionnaire within our Customer Satisfaction Survey after the completion of your stay. If you do not wish to receive a questionnaire, you can inform us at the following email address: Wellness hotel Windsor **** - windsor,hotel-windsor,cz, hotel Zátiší *** -zatisi,hotel-zatisi,com. In instances of hotel stays booked via the Internet, we may send you an automatically generated email confirmation if you make any purchase transactions with us and occasionally from our booking agents regarding inquiries concerning your booking of our products and services.

5) Information from other sources: To provide optimum personalisation of our services (such as providing recommendations or special offers that we think might be of interest to you), we may gather information from other sources and add them to your existing information. In cases where it is necessary to be able to provide services, conclude or perform a contract with you, or to respond to your inquiries or requests, we may share existing information with third parties. We use third party service providers to process payments between booking and accommodation. These service providers share payment information to enable us to manage your booking and ensure your booking is as required.
Age restrictions: Navatel a.s. does not collect personally identifiable information from our website from any person known to be under 18 years of age. Navatel a.s. may collect information from persons under the age of 18 as part of the registration process but always with the consent of the parent or guardian of such person.

Why does our company collect and use your personal information?

We use the data we collect for different reasons. Your personal data may be used for the following purposes:

1. Compliance with legal obligations: As stated under 1) information provided by you, most of the provided personal data we collect is primarily for the purposes of complying with statutory obligations.
2. Application and completion of accommodation agreement: Your personal information is needed to complete and manage your reservation and to comply with the accommodation agreement, which, as provider of such services, is essential information for our company.             
3. Marketing Activities: We may use your data for the purpose of marketing. These activities include, in particular, the use of your contact information to send news about products and services related to your visit to our hotel, to complete a reservation request from you or to create a user account. It is possible to stop such marketing communication at any time by using the opt-out link contained in each newsletter.
We process your date of birth so that we can send you a birthday present. It is possible to stop such benefits by using the opt-out link in the email containing your birthday gift.
Email Address: For the convenience of our customers, we send out email information 3 days before arrival, on the day of arrival and a thank-you email after check out. It is possible to unsubscribe from each email.
Promocode: By registering a promo code at the current% discount on a reservation made through or, we will receive your email, which will be included in our database and used only for the purpose of distributing newsletters and offers concerning our hotels.
4. Additional communications with you: In certain instances, we may contact you by email, telephone or SMS message, according to the contact information provided by you to us. We process the communication sent by you to us. Additional communication may take place for the following reasons:

1. Processing and responding to all requests from you regarding accommodation and reservations.
2. Should your online booking be incomplete, we may send you an email to remind you of your incomplete reservation. We believe this is a useful service because you can continue your booking and do not have to start your reservation information again.
3. If you use our services, we may send you a questionnaire or ask you to evaluate your experience with our company.
4. In rare circumstances we may be required to send you administrative reports that include security warnings even if you do not have any forthcoming reservation.

5. Market research: We occasionally ask our customers to partake in market research surveys. Alladditional information provided to us in such surveys will be used only with your permission.
6. Trustworthiness and security of services: In order to create a trustworthy environment for you, other guests and our business partners, we reserve the right to use personal information to detect and prevent fraud or other illegal or undesirable activities. We may also use personal data for risk assessment and for additional security reasons, such as authentication of users and reservations. For this reason, some reservations may occasionally be suspended.
7. Improving our services: We may use personal data for analytical purposes to improve our customer service and experience, as well as for the purpose of testing, troubleshooting and improving the functionality and quality of our online travel services. The primary purpose is to optimise our online platform and adapt it to your needs to ensure it is simple and convenient for you.

When processing the above mentioned data, we operate on the following legal bases:

1. Compliance with legal obligations: As stated under 1) Information provided by you, in connection with the provision of accommodation services we are required to fulfilcertain legal obligations in relation to the police, the relevant municipal authority, etc.
2. Contract fulfilment: The gathering of information supplied by you is required for the fulfilmentof the contract you have agreed with us. For example, should you use our services to make an on-line reservation, we will require your information to complete your booking and, therefore, complete our contract with you.
3. Related interests: We may use your data for legitimate interests such as securing the most appropriate website content, as well as for administrative purposes, fraud detection and legal purposes.
4. Consent: The use of personal data for the purposes of direct marketing is subject to your consent. You can withdraw this consent at any time by sending an email to the address at the end of this Information.

Who do we share with or pass on information to?

In certain cases, our company may share information with third parties, in particular:

1. Third parties as processors of personal data: We may use third party services to process personal data, for example to send marketing materials. These third parties are uniformly bound by confidentiality agreements and may not use the provided information for other purposes. These third parties include SW solutions, travel agencies, reservation system operators and accounting companies.
2. Payment service providers and other financial institutions: When a reservation is required, including a reservation for you or by a cardholder on behalf of a group booking, we may need to share certain information about the reservation with the payment service provider and relevant financial institutions. This may include a copy of your booking confirmation or the IP address from which the reservation was made. If we deem it necessary, we may share your data with relevant financial institutions for the purpose of the detection and prevention of fraud.
3. Relevant authorities: For law enforcement purposes and when required by law or when necessary for the prevention, detection and prosecution of criminal offences and fraud, we are required to grant access to personal data. Such personal data may be made available to the appropriate authorities to protect and defend our rights and property or the rights and property of our business partners.
4. Business partners: We work with business partners around the world. Some of our business partners distribute or promote our services or help other relevant business partners distribute and promote their travel-related services. Their services may be integrated into our website/applications and are permitted to show you a personalised promotion.

How do we use cookies?

In order to obtain information from you, we may use tracking tools such as cookies and web browser signals. Information about users is collected while they are using these sites. Third parties may also collectdata during this process.


Technology used to gather information from you:

Google Analytics - We use Google Analytics to gather data about how users use our web pages. For example, we collect data on where visitors come from to visit our site and the total number of visits made to our site. This may include user location information. You can disable Google Analytics tracking by installing the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser add-in to your existing browser. Further information is available at

What security measures do we employ to protect your personal information?

In accordance with European Union data security laws, we provide adequate procedures to prevent unauthorised access to and misuse of personal data.

In order to protect and secure the personal data provided to us, we use the necessary business systems and procedures. We also use security procedures and technical and physical limitations for access and use of personal data on our servers. Access to personal data is authorised only for the person working with the data.

How long do we store your personal data?

We retain your personal data only for as long as is strictly necessary, i.e., for a specific purpose in order to be able to perform contractual and legal obligations. For the purposes of archiving contracts (and any claims that may arise from the contract after termination) and with respect to legal requirements, we retain data for a maximum of 10 years after the termination of the contractual relationship.

We store data in a database of those interested in receiving commercial messages until such consent is withdrawn in accordance with the applicable legislation. Containedwithin each business announcementis the possibility for anyone receiving commercial messagesto refuse further commercial communications by clicking on the relevant link. If you receive a business message and you are no longer interested in receiving such messages, send an e-mail to: windsor,hotel-windsor,cz, zatisi,hotel-zatisi,com.

How can you control the personal information provided to us?

You have the right to be given access to the personal data that we store. You can also request a summary of this information by sending an email to the address below. In the subject of your email, please write "Personal information request" to ensure that your request is processed within an adequate time frame.
You may contact us if you believe that the personal data we have stored is incorrect in any way or if you believe we are no longer authorised to retain your personal information or if you have any other questions regarding the use of your personal data.

 If the processing of your personal data is based on the legitimate interest of the administrator, you may object to such processing should the processing relate to the alleged purpose.

Please contact us via e-mail or mail at Wellness Windsor Hotel ****, Okružní 13, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn. We will process your request in accordance with applicable Czech legislation on the protection of personal data.


Description of the rights of data subjects

As the data subject (the natural person about whom the data is processed) you have these rights concerning your personal data:

Requesting a statement. This is a statement of the information we have about you, the so-called right of access. The statement will be in a format as per our capabilities. You do not have the right to request a statement in your specified format. There are exceptions when we are not permitted to provide the statement, and these concern documents whose publication would jeopardise the rights and freedoms of others. These include personal data of other people, protection of business secrets, intellectual property, etc.

Requesting a correction. If you find that we have inaccurate, obsolete or incomplete information about you, you may request a correction or addition.

Requesting a deletion. We are obliged to delete stored personal data after a specified storage period or when there is no valid legal reason for the storage. We cannot legally delete data in instances where the processing is being performed to fulfil a performance contract or a legal obligation.

Requestingprocessing restrictions. This concerns the processing of a legitimate interest. In the case of an objection, the data processing will be restricted and the restriction will be enforced for the duration of the assessment of the objection.

Objecting to date processing. In instances in which the data processing is performed as a legitimate interest, it is possible to object to such dataprocessing. All objections to the sending of business communications will be acknowledged.

Revoking data processing consent. This is possible in cases in which the data processing is performed on the basis of consent. If you give consent to data  processing and revoke it, data processing will be terminated.

Requesting a statement in a portable format. You can request a statement in portable format only for data processing based on legal titles - contract performance and consent.

Refusing automated decision making. Wedo not process data based on automated decision making.

Submitting a complaint to the supervisory authority. If we do not respond to your request within 1 month, you can file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority.