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Thai TAWAN massage

In Thai, Tawan means the shining sun whose rays can free the soul. We want you experience the warm, welcoming atmosphere and scent of the Orient, which will help to recharge your energy.

Based on the decision of TAWAN was terminated the validity of the discount vouchers.

Official information and an overview of discounts can be found HERE.

Here in the very heart of Europe you can discover the tradition and art of distant Thailand, the country renown as the cradle of massage. Treat yourself to world-famous Thai friendliness, and be charmed by the scent of orchid and sandalwood.

ON LINE bookings at Massage

Or call: +420 499 405 911


Daily: 09:00 - 21:00 



(60/90/120 min.) 1320/1720/2120  Kč

A traditional Thai massage focusing on the acupressure points, muscles and tendons to help relieve pain, stiffness and tension. It stretches the limbs, spine, improves joint mobility and soothes the nervous system. You will experience total relief and recovery of the mind.

(60/90/120 min.) 1530/1930/2330 Kč

An oriental body massage from the toes to the roots of the hair. Aromatic oils are used during the massage to encourage total relaxation, maximum release and remove all feelings of tiredness and discomfort.

90 min. - 1990 CZK

A traditional Thai massage to banish pain and loosen the muscles and joints. It restores trapped energy to your body. The hot herbal-pack therapy that follows firms the skin, empowers the nervous system and provides long-lasting relaxation.

90 MIN. - 1850CZK

A traditional Thai massage to banish pain and loosen the muscles and joints. It restores trapped energy to your body. The hot herbal-pack therapy that follows firms the skin, empowers the nervous system and provides long-lasting relaxation.

BACK Massage
60 MIN. - 1570 CZK

A massage to remove pain and stress from the back, neck and shoulders. This is a traditional Thai massage technique using herbal oils and creams to relieve muscles and provide deep relaxation.

FOOT Reflexology
(30/60 min.) 750/1150 CZK

Meridians, or energy pathways, connect the feet to all the organs of the body. Reflexology pressure revives and restores energy lines, reduces stress and provides deep relaxation.

SLIM Massage
90 MIN. -  2320 CZK

A massage to aid slimming and the firming of muscles through peeling and wrapping containing natural herbal products. The peeling removes dead cells and, together with the wrap, helps to reduce excess fat in the body.

DETOX Massage
120 MIN. - 2790 CZK

This is a treatment that uses a unique combination of algae oils to help detoxify the entire body. A body wrap eliminates toxins and a firming mask leaves the skin feeling lighter and firmer. A complementary treatment is the application of body cream.

FACE / HANDS Massage
(30 min./60min.) 750 CZK/1150 CZK

A relaxing face and head massage combined with acupressure technique for the neck. The massage promotes blood circulation in the scalp and encourages regeneration to induce deep feelings of relaxation and eradicate tension.

60 MIN./90 min. – 1530/1930 Kč

A prenatal relaxation massage to benefit both mother and child. It helps to relieve headaches and nausea, improves sleep and strengthens the function of muscles in the back area. It reduces stress and tension, and increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

60 MIN./90 min. – 1530/1930 Kč

A Thai massage suitable for mothers following childbirth, helping the tired body to regenerate and return to its original shape in quick time. It reduces stress, enhances milk production and regenerates the uterus, helps to relax tired muscles and effectively treats stretch marks.

30 min. – 850 CZK

A relaxing Thai massage with fresh herbs and Thai balms to relieve stress and tension in the head, neck and shoulders. Gentle acupressure helps to smooth the energy flow, calms the mind and quickly restores your body's lost energy.

120 min. - 2790 CZK

A complete coconut oil massage from the fingertips to the roots of the hair to produce total relaxation and eliminate fatigue and pain. The following facial massage with natural collagen improves skin elasticity and smooths wrinkles.

FOOT Massage
30 min./60 min. - 750 Kč/1450 Kč

An ancient healing method that applies hot herbal packs to stressed and fatigued limbs. The warmth of the stimulating fresh herbs gradually penetrates deep into the muscle to effectively relieve tension and strengthen the nervous system. A subsequent aromatic oil massage treatment will fully revitalise your body, mind and spirit.

(60/90/120 min.) 1590/1990/2390 Kč

A refined combination of chocolate and warm massage that is a big temptation for all chocolate lovers. Chocolate is great for treating cellulite and leaves the skin soft and smooth. The treatment begins with a chocolate peeling followed by a full body massage with hot chocolate, and finally you relax in a genuine chocolate wrap while enjoying an acupressure massage of the face and scalp. It is a dream for all lovers of delicate flavours and aromas!

(60/90/120 min.) 1590/1990/2390 Kč

Honey massage is an ancient medicinal and cosmetic treatment that uses the exceptional properties of honey and the masseuse's expert touch. First, the masseuse removes the skin's dead cells with honey peeling. A unique pressure massage on the back and abdomen follows, culminating with a honey pack and a gentle massage of the face and scalp. Honey has a marvellous detoxification effect, stimulating the inner organism and cleaning the skin to leave it as smooth as velvet.

(60/90/120 min.) 1590/1990/2390 CZK

An Oriental oil massage of the entire body. Hemp oil is used to encourage total relaxation and eliminate fatigue and pain. Hemp oil regenerates and slows the skin's ageing process.