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Disc golf is a popular sport that uses a Frisbee and is derived from classic golf. As in golf, the aim of the game is to complete each section with the lowest number of shots – or throws. The Frisbee is thrown from a “tee” towards the target (hole), which typically is a steel basket. The average distance between holes is usually 50-120 m, and can be covered in three throws. After the first throw, the player throws from where the disc landed and continues until the target is hit. The course is designed to include obstacles such as trees, bushes and occasional water features, enabling players to test their skill with short and long throws and left and right spin. The winner is whoever completes the course in the fewest throws.

The winner is whoever completes the whole course with the fewest throws.
The disc-golf course in Špindlerův Mlýn is at the bottom of the red and black ski slopes at the Svatý Petr Skiareál. The course has nine baskets and is open during the Skiareál Špindlerův Mlýn summer season from the middle of May to the end of October. The course is open each day from 9:00 to 18:00. Permission from the operator of Skol Max Ski School is required to enter the course.


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