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Mlynář walking circuits

The Mlynář circuits are generally comfortable walks around Špindlerův Mlýn. They are away from the main roads and pass through quiet parts of the countryside, with some stunning panoramic views. All 3 routes begin in the town park on the right bank of the Elbe.

The individual circuits are sorted by colour, length and content.

In the quiet areas of the park there is an educational element, "mountain peaks", and trivia panels, "what lives here" and "what grows here." For easy reference, the circuits also feature two maps of Špindlerův Mlýn and a map of the Giant Mountains.

  • Mlynář's educational trail 

Circuit length 1.1 km, green markings, focuses on the history of Špindlerův Mlýn.

This circuit is intended for families with children, but, due to the terrain and the climb to the Vyhlídka na Skále viewpoint, it is not suitable for pushchairs or during winter.

  • Mlynář's circle

Circuit length 2.8 km, red markings, focuses on flora and fauna in the Giant Mountains.

This route is walkable even in winter, suitable for sports buggies (The view on the rock can only be visited - difficult terrain). The circuit is designed for families with children.

  • Mlynář's hike

Circuit length 2.8 km, blue markings, focuses on the geological development of the Giant Mountains locality

The route is not suitable in the winter – there is a downhill slope, sports buggies are recommended. The circuit is designed for families with children.